On December 15, 2019, the new SAXUM office was inaugurated at its headquarters in Tucumán, Argentina. This is located in the city Yerba Buena, a few kilometers from Cerro San Javier.

The objective of the architectural design of the new SAXUM office was to build a building that meets the required functional needs and conveys the image of an international engineering company.

In the architectural field, the building program was a challenge due to the various activities (offices, common spaces, commercial premises, parking lots, green spaces) to which you must give answers.

Formally a minimalist image was sought, dynamic, modern, through a set of volumes that express the different activities that make up the building, with a common language that gives unity to the work. The construction materials chosen were those representative of the engineering developed by SAXUM, such as reinforced concrete, aggregates, steel structures and metal frameworks.

The new SAXUM offices have the capacity to house more than 80 workplaces, distributed in more than 600 m2, where there are flexible work spaces, boxes, private offices, meeting rooms, lunch room, kitchen, deposits, among others.

The design was based on the needs of the employees and their collective operation. That is why the flexibility to adapt to the different stages of the projects was considered, in which the team in charge varies in quantity and specialty of its members.

At the same time, ample and flexible spaces were generated that allow meeting, interaction and teamwork; with light and natural ventilation, that integrate through its windows the vegetation of its overflows and the hill San Javier characteristic of the city of Yerba Buena.

Address: Marcial Imbaud 35, Yerba Buena, Tucumán, Argentina

Telephone: +54 0381 4874929

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