Site Supervision

SAXUM’s Site Supervision services during Project Construction/Erection Phases:

  • Supervision of civil, structural, electrical, I/C and mechanical construction/erection works;
  • Review of the consistency of the construction/erection works and materials with the engineering/design documents;
  • Review of the monthly progress certificates issued by constructors and erectors;
  • Follow up and responses to the Requests for Information by the constructors and erectors;
  • Coordination of the engineering works required during construction/erection phase;
  • Follow up of construction and erection materials testing according to the project technical specifications;
  • Follow up of construction/erection schedules and early warnings of possible conflicts/issues in the project schedule;

Quality Control

SAXUM's potential is based on a highly qualified, experienced and trained human team; permanently updated work procedures; availability of technology and calculation systems, design and advanced technical means, and control mechanisms that guarantee product quality.

Aligned with the vision and mission of our company, we are governed by the following Quality Policy:

  • Establish, within the framework of this Policy, objectives of continuous improvement of performance and increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Integrate Quality into the Company's culture so that it becomes a differential factor compared to our competitors, promoting the participation of all workers.
  • Provide the necessary resources for the fulfillment of the established Objectives, making efficient use of them to increase performance.
  • Comply with applicable legislation, with the requirements agreed upon with clients and with all other commitments voluntarily assumed.
  • Check that suppliers and providers have the appropriate resources to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities.
  • Maintain and respect the confidentiality of our clients' information.
  • Quality is also achieved with a clear organization, with permanent motivation at all levels of personnel, seeking the best adaptation of men to each position and with the commitment of the company to ensure the necessary training to accompany technical developments.

Safety Management & Supervision

SAXUM provides a SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIROMENTAL MANUAL which are mandatory for the work in every project.

The Commitment to Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) will result that every person who works for the PROJECT, is responsible for properly developing Safety, Health and Environmental matters. Optimum outcome of SHE matters as well as Safety and Health of any person who works whit us is critical for the project success.

Our goals are clearly expressed: NO ACCIDENTS AND NO HARM TO ENVIRONMENT.

SAXUM´s Policy on Blocking Unsafe Work: The priority of SAXUM in all its projects and works is to deal with personnel safety and environment. We reasserted this concept by implementing policy on blocking unsafe work with the purpose of ensuring safety and accomplishing the following objectives:

Work in a safe way. It is an employment requirement outlined by SAXUM.

Any person who works for a SAXUM´s Project –including all subcontractors- shall comply with this policy.

Any person who works in projects for SAXUM shall give the utmost importance to safety and, shall be an example to be followed concerning this matter.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of compulsory use are helmets, goggles, safety gloves, safety shoes and all those required in accordance to the type of risk involved. Any person who does not comply with the above-mentioned requirements shall not remain at the project.

Any person who observes an unsafe activity shall stop it immediately. Then he/she shall inform the work supervisor about the matter to take the necessary corrective actions to avoid recurrence of the event.

Work shall not be started until workers have been informed by theirs supervisor about the risks involved, preventive measures, assignment of roles and responsibilities and, if suitable, work permit.

Any change in the previously assessed working conditions gives enough evidence to stop the work, therefore risk assessment and documentation and eventual measures shall be compulsory restudied before restarting the works.

Health and Safety Contractor Program Development and Issuing

Contractor's written Safety, Health, and Accident Prevention Program shall be submitted for the SAXUM Supervision’s review not later than thirty days prior to the start of the work at the jobsite. This review will not relieve contractor of its sole responsibility for safety and health, nor shall such review be construed as limiting in any manner contractor's obligation to undertake any action which may be necessary or required to establish and maintain safe working conditions regarding its work at the jobsite.

SAXUM SHE supervisors will assure the proper and best practice of the following:

Occupational Safety and Health Requirements Constructor Compliance, Labour Risk Analysis Report, SHE Inspections, Incident Report, SHE Integration, Preventive Analysis of Activities.

Contract Administration

SAXUM´S Contract Administration Manual, monitoring the full cycle of Project Contracts, featuring:

Contract awareness:

consists of making an explanatory summary of the main clauses of the contract. The added value of this summary is to interpret and make the contract explicit in simple and intelligible terms, and make it accessible to non-jurist stakeholders


this is a day-to-day activity of the contract manager which supposes an uphill preparation, an extensive search of mutual interests, a proactive and creative mutual approach, and the elaboration of objective criteria, as well as promoting a respectful relationship

Risk management:

this is rather similar to project risk management, whose ultimate artefact is the risk register with more or less the same attributes as those elaborated upon in the PMBOK® Guide.


this is an essential process to be mastered when the relationship between the customer and the project becomes too emotional. Nonviolent approaches are potential techniques to be developed here

Other useful processes may encompass:

  • Communication
  • Critical data management (personal, commercial, in confidence, intellectual property, etc.)
  • Contract closure