With the aim of motivating young people to get to know the world of engineering, SAXUM, together with the Ministry of Education of Tucumán, began the "Exploring Paths" project, with a Technical Talk for high school students about Work, Vocation and Education.

The CEO of SAXUM, Guillermo Etse and the engineers Isaias Villegas, María Constanza Unzaga and Luis Norniella presented to more than 250 students.

During the event, Guillermo Etse said “We are making this presentation to students of high school to describe to them what it would be like to do engineering for industrial projects, in particular how we contribute to the industry with engineering knowledge. This is an excellent and exciting opportunity for SAXUM, it is very interesting the perspective that young kids have regarding engineering, they are very sensitive and curious to see how it works in the field of engineering. I think that the interaction between SAXUM and the high school education is important because this is the future".

Delfina, a student at the Dr Miguel Lillo School of Commerce, said “the talk was very engaging, they knew how to answer what they asked and it was really very interesting. Personally, my point of view changed because I don't like mathematics and today I learnt that engineering has many branches and the career is very beneficial for oneself.”

Ignacio, a student at the Lincoln Institute, added “I have always thought of being an engineer, I am interested in mechanical engineering and I managed to ask many questions that were answered clearly. The talk was very good, they taught us the basics and we delved into the subject”.

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