SAXUM offers a wide range of services in the Logistics area, including:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Planning,
  • Information management and associated technology.
  • Supply management.
  • Design and development of kpi performance of the supply chain.

In addition, we develop the following services:

Management of Activation and Expedition of procurement in manufacturing sites or external provision, progress reports and status, quality reports, and identification of potential risks. Responsiveness throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, availability of a staff of professionals specialized in all engineering disciplines.

Comprehensive Logistics and Comex Management, totally focused on EPCM projects, expertise to deal with all its complexities. Saxum expresses itself with a comprehensive strategy:

Evaluation, development and management of suggested suppliers for international, national and local logistics.

Analysis, planning and development of port services and customs procedures including dispatchers. Customs and import strategy. Early mode configuration for imports or exports. Analysis and dynamic geographic proposals of free zones, fiscal deposits, and nationals. Foreign Trade Management. Import and Export Services. Guarantee compliance with environmental, safety and quality policies.

Origin / Destination Analysis of the optimal port, air, land and rail infrastructure for entering the country; as well as internal / domestic routes to guarantee a quality and safe supply. Guarantee compliance with environmental policies.

Analysis and review of access roads to project areas, design of strategic supply logistics and reverse logistics. Study of global storage and redistribution centers in order to ensure proper logistical support, guaranteeing compliance with environmental, security, and community social relations policies.

Service and management of freight forwarder at a global level, with the ability to operate with general loads, dangerous loads, and extra heavy loads or those outside of standard dimensions. Equipment and professionals with proven expertise. Polymodal transport: national and international, global capacity in land modalities including rail, sea and air. Guarantee compliance with environmental, safety and quality policies.

Advice on strategic mobilization and demobilization plans for machinery and equipment park. Traffic flow and organization of the road matrix of income / expenses of sites. Guarantee compliance with environmental, safety and quality policies.

People logistics analysis

Mobilization and demobilization plans. Issuance of contingency plans. Management of strategic camps and permanent positioning. Guarantee compliance with environmental, safety and quality policies.

On Site Production Logistics. Management and administration of the Park of Machines, Equipment, light and heavy vehicle fleet and transport of people, during construction and operation. Applied technologies and professionals capable of inspecting and guaranteeing preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance. Cost Control Management and performance improvement. Fuel Supply Platform Administration. Guarantee compliance with environmental, safety and quality policies.

Bid packages processes and preparation

All acquisitions are subject to competitive bidding. This is to ensure that our client gains the best possible price within the context of legal and purchasing directives, while practicing open and fair business policy.

Depending on the complexity of the bid, the bid process may take from 1 day to a month. Most of our purchases that exceed $100 000 are subject to considerations outlined in our procurement process which ensures that any company, in any country or province should have fair and equal opportunity to our business.

Bidding process begins with the request for quotation (RFQ) from our engineering or construction offices. This request includes a technical specification and technical data sheet. Project controllers indicate us the “required at site date” (RAS) for the supply, and the logistics team tell us the recommended incoterm.

Considering all the above, purchasing department invites all the companies included in the bidder list to submit a proposal according to all the commercial terms, which includes date to submit the proposal, payment terms, incoterms, invoicing, etc.

During the bidding process, queries may appear from the participants, they are gathered and answered by our engineers.

Once the bidding time is over, all the received proposals are split in technical (no priced) and commercial sections (priced). The technical section is sent for further analysis to the engineers who shall submit the technical bid analysis (TBA).

The commercial section is reviewed by the purchasing department, when the commercial bid analysis finalizes, the purchaser issues the CBA document.

Bid evaluation is the organized process of examining and comparing bids to select the best offer in an effort to acquire goods, works, and services necessary to achieve the goals of an organization.

The last step for the purchaser is to prepare the letter of recommendation (LOR). This final document is a summary of the TBA and the CBA. The LOR shall recommend the best technical and commercial proposal to our client.

Situations requiring a certain item, or a rush delivery may justify an exception to the bid process.