Feasibility and Trade-off studies

Through the diverse experience of its professionals, SAXUM offers specialized consultancy services aimed at assessing project feasibility within recognized standards such as NI 43-101 and JORC. Our reports include conclusive recommendations and reliable CapEx and OpEx estimates. Regarding Trade-Off studies, our experienced professionals are able to identify viable alternatives which, after sharing them with our clients, are compared both, technically and economically, given up to accurate final recommendations.

Conceptual Engineering

SAXUM Engineered Solutions is a multi-disciplined engineering company which performs all stages of brown-field and green-field engineering services, from Concept, through Basic and Detailed Engineering, including Trade-off studies, Bill of Quantities and specific Options, Optimizations and Alternative solutions in the Mining, Cement & Lime, Iron & Steel and Oil & Gas industries. Our expertise covers Mechanical/Piping, Civil/Structural, Electrical/Instrumentation/Controls, Process and includes Project Management, Project Controls, Procurement and Construction Management in both EPCM and EPC project execution and delivery contracts. 

 In the Concept Engineering (CE) stage, also called pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) SAXUM develops and provides project definition, process flow diagrams and design criteria at a high level study phase supported by client input, site conditions, documentation and schematics; the outcome of this CE is a broad project description report including an initial project schedule and an order-of-magnitude Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operating Expenditure (OpEx).

Basic Engineering

Basic Engineering (BE) or FEED is the stage at which SAXUM develops the basis of detailed design and engineering of a project and includes equipment specifications, general arrangements, a preliminary schedule and a CapEx estimate typically at an accuracy of +/- 15-30%, which is used as the project's Final Investment Decision (FID) by the client. In some cases the BE is part of a tender package for bidding purposes in EPC contracts.

Detailed Engineering and RFI

SAXUM's Detailed Engineering of a project contains final reports, diagrams, calculations and drawings of every discipline for construction and includes a master schedule and a CapEx estimate typically with an accuracy of +/- 5-10%. In addition EPCM or EPC services are available to deliver and execute projects, depending on specific clients needs and requirements. 

Engineering Disciplines

Process and Environmental Engineering

SAXUM has extensive experience in process and environmental engineering for the mining, cement and lime industries, through the use of advanced softwares and technological tools, together with practical operational and maintenance data. On the environmental side, SAXUM's engineers make sure that all emissions - solids, liquids, gaseous and noise are all captured and mitigated, as well as complying with all local, state and federal regulations. Our resources in process engineering provide exceptional value to our clients at the very core of their operations, with cost-effective and profitable solutions.

Our services:

Raw material assessment
Process conceptualization and definition
Selection of most appropriate technology
Process calculations
Equipment sizing and evaluation
Process audits and optimization
Operation problems diagnostic
Products improvement studies

Mechanical and Piping

SAXUM primary goal is to execute a project that meets the clients' objectives for throughput capacity and quality of the product. The mechanical engineering department is in charge of the design of new plants, calculating the requirements of mechanical power, flow capacity, optimizing the operating regime of the different equipment and systems that make up the process and its auxiliary services. It also considers the facilities for assembly, start-up and maintenance.

Our services:

Full process conceptualization and definition
Advanced process modeling and calculation
Equipment sizing, data sheet and technical specification
Plant layouts, general arrangements and full 3D modelling
Design of piping and pumping systems including P&IDs, solution handling, utilities
Definition and design of material handling systems: conveying and storage, crushing and comminution, process & concentration plants, chutes, dust controls, final product handling, etc.
Engineering integration
CFD for air and fluid dynamics

Civil and Structural

SAXUM’s civil & structural engineering assistance covers the broad spectrum from consultancy for geomechanical investigations to detailed designs of the superstructures, and including the selection and design of the most appropriate foundation systems. Our capabilities and experience involve the analysis and design of infrastructure works, both underground and on the surface that is required in all stages of greenfield and brownfield industrial projects, from their concepts, throughout their constructions, operations and until closing.
The skills of our professionals cover a wide range, from the identification of risks and opportunities, the geotechnical characterization, the mathematical modeling of structures and foundations, to detailed designs contemplating aspects of constructability. Our constructive civil/structural engineering designs involve a deep level of details, which are the result of the evaluation of multiple alternatives and various relevant aspects such as economics, operational safety, maintenance, mitigation of involved risks, etc. Our experience guarantees our clients a detailed and clear understanding of the contingencies and complexities of their civil/structural projects, from start to finish.
Our services include the assessment of structural pathology causes and the design of the optimal repair solutions. We are experienced in the design of highly complex structures made of concrete and steel, such as silos, nuclear plant components, process towers, bridges, and structures with strong interaction with the terrain such as tunnels, foundations and soil slope containment systems.

Our services:

Development of technical specifications for geotechnical investigations
Review and analysis of soils reports
Infrastructure analysis and design including access roads, gates and perimeter installations, drainage and surface water managing, treatment plants, warehouse, recreational areas, camp facilities, offices buildings, etc.
Design of complex structures made of concrete and steel such as process towers, silos, bunkers, bridges, hoppers, as well as structures with strong interaction with the terrain such as tunnels, soils retaining walls, foundation systems.
Assessment of soil slopes stability and design of soils/rocks embankments
Soil-structure dynamic interaction studies, and design of crushing and milling systems’ foundations attending vibration and resonance effects mitigations
Structural safety assessment of existing constructions, and causes evaluation behind structural damages and pathologies, and design of the optimal repair solutions 
Shop drawings development

Electrical, Instrumentation & Control

This department consists of professionals of the electric and electronic disciplines with vast experience in the design of electrical power distribution facilities, as well as in the definition of the instrumentation & control systems, which form the “nervous system” of our clients’ industrial processes.

Our specialists analyze each particular case looking for the best viable solutions to reduce energy consumption, improve control and monitoring of the process, avoid unnecessary plant stops, implementing different action plans, designs and procedures.

Our services:

Electrical power studies
HV/MV/LV equipment design and specification
Full installation engineering
Lighting and photometry calculation
Grounding and lightning calculation 
Alternative generation engineering
Fire proof installation engineering
Fire detection and protection systems
Instrument and control engineering
Automation development
PLC and HMI Programming
Communication network engineering
Assessment for approval and contracting of supply
Energy management assessment