Feasibility and Trade-off studies

Through the diverse experience of its professionals, SAXUM can offer specialized consultancy services which help to assess the feasibility of a cement, lime or mining project. Our professionals provide key facts and figures to aid decision-making, and also propose alternative solutions to putting our clients´ ideas and concepts into practice.  These alternative solutions are approached through the development of Trade-off studies that can give our clients a wide view of the project possibilities.  

Process and Environmental Engineering

SAXUM has extensive experience in process and environmental engineering for mining, cement and lime industries, through the use of advanced technological tools and extensive practical experience in plants. Our resources in process engineering provide exceptional value to our clients at the very core of their operations, with cost-effective and profitable solutions.

Our services:

Multiple vendors systems integration
Equipment and facilities Bid packages development
Operation problems diagnostic
Process conceptualization and definition
In situ improvements and implementation
Process calculations
Alternative fuels burning maximization and addition of alternative materials
Products improvement studies
Raw Materials requirement analysis
Selection of the most convenient industrial process
Equipment sizing and evaluation

Mechanical and Piping

SAXUM has relevant experience in mechanical engineering and assistance for mechanical assembly of plants for the cement, lime, mining and manufacturing industries. Our mechanical engineering designs and calculations cover all areas of the industries we attend, with efficient and effective solutions, and considering constructability, maintenance, safety and operations aspects.

Our services:

Process audit
Process conceptualization and definition
Vendors proposals technical analysis
General Arrangements
Equipment sizing and capacity determination
Equipment technical evaluations and inspections
Design of piping and pumping systems, crushing, milling, materials conveying and storage systems, process plants layouts, chutes, dedusting systems, flotation systems, etc
Designs integration
Shop drawings revision
Shop fabrication works inspection

Civil and Structural

SAXUM has extensive and relevant experience in structural and infrastructure designs for mining, cement and manufacturing plants. Our services include the study and design of efficient solutions to structural pathological problems, as well as the design of high complexity structural systems, such as silos, nuclear plant components, process towers, equipment foundations, etc.

Our services:

Design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, mono-cell and multi-cell silos, bunkers, hoppers, tunnels, retaining walls, bridges, high-rise buildings structures, high complexity foundations, etc.
Structural designs optimization
Design of structures subjected to seismic, wind, explosive, dynamic, gravitational, thermal, chemical (ageing) actions.
Diagnostic of failure and collapse causes in structures, and design of optimal solutions.
Diagnostic of failure and collapse causes in structures, and design of optimal solutions.
Projects for architectural and office buldings.
Soil-structure dynamic interaction studies
Dynamic interaction studies during the joint operation of multiple industrial equipments, oriented to the design of equipment foundations with the objective of mitigate vibrations
Development of computational mathematical models for the accurate evaluation of highly complex structural behaviour
On-site constructuon supervisión services
Quality control
Construction Management and Planning

Electrical, Instrumentation & Control

This department consists of professionals of the electric and electronic disciplines with vast experience in design of electrical power transportation, transformation and distribution facilities, as well as in the definition of the instrumentation & control systems which form the “nervous system” of our clients’ industrial processes.

Our professionals are permanently updated on the new technologies launched to the market, and have a deep knowledge of the market and regulatory matters needed to secure a reliable electrical supply for any project in the Americas.

Our services:

Power studies
Assessment for approval and contracting of electrical supply
Power transportation and distribution systems
Transformers and Alternative generators specification
Motor Control Centers, VSDs and breakers specification
Short circuit analysis
Illumination and photometry studies
Full facilities and electrical conduits engineering design
P&ID development
Instruments and control systems specifications
PLC programming
HMI programming
Fire detection, alarm and fighting systems

Conceptual Engineering

SAXUM Engineered Solutions is a multi-disciplined engineering company which performs all stages of brown-field and green-field engineering services, from Concept, through Basic and Detailed Engineering, including Trade-off studies, Bill of Quantities and specific Options, Optimizations and Alternative solutions in the Mining, Cement & Lime, Iron & Steel and Oil & Gas industries. Our expertise covers Mechanical/Piping, Civil/Structural, Electrical/Instrumentation/Controls, Process and includes Project Management, Project Controls, Procurement and Construction Management in both EPCM and EPC project execution and delivery contracts. 

 In the Concept Engineering (CE) stage, also called pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) SAXUM develops and provides project definition, process flow diagrams and design criteria at a high level study phase supported by client input, site conditions, documentation and schematics; the outcome of this CE is a broad project description report including an initial project schedule and an order-of-magnitude Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operating Expenditure (OpEx).

Basic Engineering

Basic Engineering (BE) or FEED is the stage at which SAXUM develops the basis of detailed design and engineering of a project and includes equipment specifications, general arrangements, a preliminary schedule and a CapEx estimate typically at an accuracy of +/- 15-30%, which is used as the project's Final Investment Decision (FID) by the client. In some cases the BE is part of a tender package for bidding purposes in EPC contracts.

Detailed Engineering

SAXUM's Detailed Engineering of a project contains final reports, diagrams, calculations and drawings of every discipline for construction and includes a master schedule and a CapEx estimate typically with an accuracy of +/- 5-10%. In addition EPCM or EPC services are available to deliver and execute projects, depending on specific clients needs and requirements.