GCC in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. Kiln 6 Upgrade to 3600 STPD

The project consist in the development of the civil and structural design and engineering, along with shop detailing, for the GCC Dacotah, project in Rapid City, SD, USA. All civil and structural drawings and calculations to be stamped & signed-off by a Professional Engineer (PE) registered and licensed in South Dakota. The scope of work includes engineering drawings and specifications for excavation, deep and shallow foundations, primary grounding design, piling design, concrete works, structural steel design, structural steel shop drawing development and 3D modeling, preparation of BoQ’s (RCC & Steel), demolition/modification drawings as required and Further to the development of design drawings, Saxum is to perform a collaboration of design services via conducting interference checking between FLS’s equipment, general arrangement drawings and Saxum own detail design members.

Engenharia completa para uma nova linea de cemento pela SAXUM.

Engenharia completa para uma nova linea de cimento de 6.500 TPD. Planta de CSN em Arcos, M.G., Brasil.

Projeto Otorongo pela SAXUM Engineered Solutions – Planta green field do clinker e cimento.

Planta green field do clinker e cimento. Desenvolvimento da Engenharia conceitual e básica da planta, abrangendo todas as disciplinas da engenharia. Disenho particular da planta utilizando tecnologia de baixo consumo da agua.