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Kick-Off Meeting for Goldrock´s Lindero project


Rubén Tomassini (SAXUM´s Senior Mining Project Manager), Néstor Lares (SAXUM´s Project Manager for Lindero), David Keough (GOLDROCK´s COO and Director), Marcelo Ansardi (SAXUM´s COO), Roque Espeche (SAXUM´s Electrical Engineer), Crhistian Rojas (SAXUM´s Civil/Structural Engineer), Esteban Lescano (SAXUM´s Mechanical Engineer), Matt Stewart (KCA´s Project Engineer), Richard Taylor (KCA´s Project Manager for Lindero)

Goldrock Mines Corp. has recently awarded the Basic and detailed engineering contract for its Lindero gold project to a consortium formed by Kappes, Cassiday and Associates (KCA) and SAXUM. The engineering services will provide Goldrock the designs and specifications required to transition from the feasibility study directly into construction. On December 16-19, 2013 the project Kick-Off Meeting was held in SAXUM´s offices in Tucumán, Argentina.

The Lindero project is a porphyry gold deposit located in Salta, northwestern Argentina. It will be developed as an open pit, heap leach gold mine. Production will be at an initial throughput rate of 15,000 tpd, increasing to 18,750 tpd during the first year of operation. Average annual production will be 109,000 ounces during the first nine years.