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Saxum was awarded for the Basic Engineering of the gold mine project Lindero, in Salta Argentina


After successfully finished the Basic Engineering for the project longer lead time items (Phase 1A), SAXUM was finally awarded for the completion of the Basic Engineering (Phase 1B). This includes the Procurement, the whole Basic Engineering and RFQ Packages, and vendors surge for the short lead time items of the Lindero Project, undertaken in the Salta city, Argentina.

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SAXUM participated in the CBI Brazil & LatAm Conference 2015

Between the 4 and 5 February SAXUM participated in the CBI Brazil & Latin America Congress 2015 in Sao Paulo. The event was dedicated to senior level executives and decision makers in the Latin American cement industry.
The CBI Brazil & LatAm 2015 revolved around themes such as:

* Cement production of tomorrow
* Innovation in cement: technical and business implications
* Environmental performance and considerations
* Trading, shipping and logistics challenges
* Among others, several key issues

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SAXUM present at the 6th Brazilian Cement Congress


During May 19-21, São Paulo was the host for the 6th Brazilian Cement Congress, organized by the Brazilian Portland Cement Association (ABCP). The event was dedicated to discussions and exchange about innovations in cement manufacturing, in themes related to competitiveness, emissions, environmental controls, cement standardization and quality. Prominent speakers of cement production and technology companies also gave presentations on their vision of the future of the industry.


SAXUM was present with a booth on the commercial fair of the event.

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SAXUM expands to North America


SAXUM is proud to announce its expansion to North America through the opening of its new company in the USA, SAXUM Engineering LLC.

This new milestone in the fast-growing activities of our company will contribute to meet the technical needs of the thriving North American cement industry.
We would like to introduce our General Manager in North America, Chris Hayman, who is based in Dallas, Texas. Chris was born and raised in Argentina, has a Chemical Engineering degree and has worked in the Mining, Cement, Minerals & Metals and Iron & Steel industries in North/South America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

Throughout his career, Chris has held top management positions in Engineering, Project Management – EPCM and EPC, Business Development, Technical Marketing, Operations and Technology Development. He has also led multi-disciplinary teams performing all phases of Studies – Scoping, Trade-Offs, Concept, Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility, as well as Preliminary, Basic and Detailed Engineering.
With over thirty years experience, he has worked for Samsung C&T, WorleyParsons, Rio Tinto, Hatch, Danieli and Acindar in Chile, Brazil, Australia, USA, Italy and Argentina.

Chris is a goals and objectives oriented individual, with strong leadership and motivational skills, focusing on Safety, Budgets, Schedules, Deliverables, Quality and Customer Satisfaction; his broad background working in diverse cultures, languages and regions in small, medium and large brown- and green-field projects has given him extensive experience and a solid track record.

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SAXUM present at the CBI Brazil & LatAm 2014 Conference

Brazil Latam CBI 2014

During February 5-6, São Paulo was the host for the CBI Brazilian & Latin American Cement and Lime 2014 Conference.
The event was dedicated to senior executives and businessmen of the Latin American cement and lime industries. The event was focused on presentations and discussions about cement production of tomorrow, innovation in cement, environmental performance and the industry´s commercial and logistic challenges.

SAXUM was present at the event, with a presentation about Myths in the production and in the construction of cement plants, performed by Federico Guido-Lavalle, VP Industrial Technology.




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Kick-Off Meeting for Goldrock´s Lindero project

Goldrock Mines Corp. has recently awarded the Basic and detailed engineering contract for its Lindero gold project to a consortium formed by Kappes, Cassiday and Associates (KCA) and SAXUM. The engineering services will provide Goldrock the designs and specifications required to transition from the feasibility study directly into construction. On December 16-19, 2013 the project Kick-Off Meeting was held in SAXUM´s offices in Tucumán, Argentina.

The Lindero project is a porphyry gold deposit located in Salta, northwestern Argentina. It will be developed as an open pit, heap leach gold mine. Production will be at an initial throughput rate of 15,000 tpd, increasing to 18,750 tpd during the first year of operation. Average annual production will be 109,000 ounces during the first nine years.





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SAXUM present at the FICEM XXX Technical Congress

During September 2-4, Lima was the host for the annual Inter-American Cement Federation (FICEM) Technical Congress, where a selection of speakers who are leaders in their fields, and top sponsors from the most influential cement business and manufacturing companies held work sessions that focused on sustainability, process optimization and engineering topics.

SAXUM was present at the event, with 2 presentations performed:

• Key design aspects influencing construction costs of cement plant facilities, developed by our Executive Director, Guillermo Etse PhD

Download presentation 

• Myths in cement production and their impact on costs, developed by our VP Cement, Federico Guido Lavalle

Download presentation 

SAXUM presente en el XXX Congreso Técnico FICEM
Photo: Carlos Calvimontes, Cementos
Melón Strategic Planning Manager,
and Federico Guido Lavalle,

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