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SAXUM Services to the Oil & Gas Industries

SAXUM provides a wide range of engineering services for the Oil & Gas industries, including scoping and feasibility studies, trade-off analyses, conceptual, basic and detailed engineering. Our engineering capabilities encompass all technical disciplines including civil & structural, mechanical & piping, and electrical, instrumentation & control engineering.

For more information about our services in this industry check out our Oil & Gas Brochure:

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SAXUM participated in the PDAC 2019, the world’s premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention

SAXUM has participated in the PDAC 2019, the world’s premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention, from 1st to 4th of March in Toronto, Canada. This is the leading convention for people, companies and organizations in, or connected with, mineral exploration. In addition to meeting over 1,000 exhibitors, 3,500 investors and 25,600 attendees from 135 countries, you can also attend technical sessions, short courses and networking events.  The four-day annual convention held in Toronto, Canada, has grown in size, stature and influence since it began in 1932 and today is the event of choice for the world’s mineral industry.

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New Video of EPCM Lindero’s Project by SAXUM

SAXUM Engineered Solutions, a full engineering and construction management company for the industry is proud to present distinctive aspects of the EPCM services of the Lindero gold mine Project in Argentina.

Our extensive experience, talented professionals and strong commitment with project objectives, allowed SAXUM to grow its client basis and recognition in the mining, cement, and oil & gas sectors. Large number of successful projects demonstrate the quality of our services.

SAXUM’s involvement in Lindero started at the prefeasibility stage back in 2013; in 2017, Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. acquired the project from Goldrock Mines Corp. and awarded SAXUM the update of its Basic Engineering and CapEx. In Dec 2017 SAXUM kicked-off the complete EPCM of Lindero.

With an initial budget of US$ 286 MM, Lindero is located in the Argentine Puna at 3,500 to 4,000 meters, and 170 miles due west of Salta City. It includes a 8 miles water pipeline, 9.5 MW Power Generation plant and all accommodation and services to properly fit over 1,000 workers on site.


Project Control is one of the pillars of EPCM services. Our project control team strongly focuses on cost savings and project schedule fulfilment throughout all phases of the project, from the preliminary designs to the start up. SAXUM’s Project Control Team offers their clients a wide range of project management services, which can be adapted to each project need.


The success of SAXUM’s EPCM service for Lindero is measured by our Project Management team’s ability of meeting project goals. Keeping project CAPEX within budget, in an environment of high inflation, like Argentina, calls for a cost focused and highly committed team in all project areas.

Several contractors, multiple suppliers from all around the world, and over 2.5 M man-hours mean a real challenge for our Quality Assurance department. Procedures, clear specifications and highly experienced personnel are the key to meeting these goals.

Main challenges for delivering Lindero project:

  • Achieving sufficient infrastructure for over 1000 workers on site,
  • Extreme project location and poor road conditions,
  • Harsh weather conditions,
  • Equipment and material lead time,
  • Meeting the milestones for each contractor, particularly regarding their interfaces,
  • Keep safety conditions throughout this large project extension, under extreme      weather and at high altitude.


Lindero’s engineering presented multiple challenges including the permanent coordination between the different technical disciplines. It required over 100 k man-hours, including basic and detailed engineering, procurement assistance, on site-engineering review and RFI services.

SAXUM engineering designs were fully oriented to cost and time saving under consideration of the extreme weather conditions and location of Lindero.

Our engineering services involved the full designs of diverse project areas, including the Mineral crushing plant, Agglomeration plant, Stacking System, Preparation of Reagents, ADR and SART plants, electric power distribution, fuel storage and distribution, camps, auxiliary project buildings, gas storage and distribution system, water storage, distribution and treatment system, and roads.


SAXUM’s Construction Management Team focuses on organization, planning and following up all involved tasks. SAXUM has the experience, know-how and resources to deal with sensitive environments and perform complete construction management activities under harsh conditions.

SAXUM prioritizes safety and environmental control, strong planning in advance, excellent project control, field supervision, contract management and administrative control. Our experience, strong focus to project objectives, and the mutually reinforcing joint-work between our professionals of all different departments, allows us to be the tailor-made solution for our customers’ EPCM projects.


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We present our Newsletter “Connection”, Issue #189 / Nov. 2018

We are pleased to present SAXUM´s Newsletter “Connection”, Issue #189. Here you will find news about the company´s progress in its projects. We hope that you find it useful, and that we can contribute with the success of your next project with quality engineered solutions. You can find all editions of SAXUM Connection at:


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See you at Argentina Mining 2018 in Salta

We are pleased to invite you to visit our Booth 301 at at the Argentina Mining 2018, XII International Convention on Business Opportunities in Exploration, Geology and Mining. It will be an excellent opportunity to present you SAXUM’s capabilities in your mining projects.

September 5 – 7, 2018, Salta Convention Center, Salta, Argentina.

More info:

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SAXUM present at the VII Lithium Seminar 2018 in Salta, Argentina

The seventh edition of the International Seminar: Lithium in South America discussed the main advances seen in this industry over the last year. With two mines in production, two under construction and nearly fifty projects in initial stages, Argentina is set to become one of the world’s main producers and has estimated CAPEX of USD3,974 billion in the most advanced projects.

Also, this Seminar was an optimal space for having acces to the latest official information about the Lithium Industry and the potential of national resources, as well as to know the status of ongoing and future projects and how mining companies operate in Argentina.


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We present our Newsletter “Connection”, Issue #185 / May 2018

We are pleased to present SAXUM´s Newsletter “Connection”, Issue #185. Here you will find news about the company´s progress in its projects. We hope that you find it useful, and that we can contribute with the success of your next project with quality engineered solutions. You can find all editions of SAXUM Connection at:



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SAXUM participated in the 60th Annual IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference

SAXUM has participated in the 60th IEEE-IAS/PCA 2018 Cement Industry Technical Conference, from May 6th to 10th in Nashville, TN. This is the largest conference in the cement industry and will include technical presentations of the latest technology covering a variety of topics important to the industry. There were also Tutorials, Professional Training sessions, a state of the industry report and much more. Moreover, the exhibit hall had over 150 exhibitors displaying the latest in product and service offerings.

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SAXUM present at the VII International Exhibition for the Argentine Mining Industry

SAXUM participated as an adherent, between April 18 and 20, in the VII International Exhibition San Juan, key province for Argentina Mining Development. In this congress we had the opportunity to make contact with companies of Mining Equipment, Tools, Supplies and Services for the Argentine Mining Industry.

Argentina is one of the last mining frontiers worldwide, with only a small part of its geological potential developed, a few more than two decades of developing and several productive centers; Argentina has covered an important path that had put it among the best mining destination of the world.

Argentina offers Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Molybdenum, Iron, Lithium, Potassium, nuclear minerals, rare earth metal, and a diversified resources, emphasizing that more than 70% of its potential is unexplored yet. The mining industry in Argentina is young; it has a long path to walk and great exploration potential.

With a world that grows and changes fastly, Argentina is becoming a supplier of the most necessary goods: food and minerals. Mining industry has been a development key for local economies in Argentina.

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